WERS and the 17 Things

Did you know WERS rated windows are one of the The 17 Things™?

The 17 Things™ are Liveability Features™ of a home, which offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant. The 17 Things™ were developed in a collaboration of the real estate, sustainable design, construction and assessment industries and they cover location, floor plan and layout, key building structure elements, important energy and water saving inclusions, renewables, energy rating and more.

WERS rated windows are a good investment

Most importantly WERS rated windows are now, more than ever, a good investment as they are able to be recognised and effectively marketed as a Liveability Feature™ during the sale or lease of a home when identified during a by a trained Liveability Real Estate Specialist.

So, when purchasing windows for your new home or your home renovation ensure that you contact a WERS member to get WERS rated windows and ask them for a WERS certificate. The trained Liveability Real Estate Specialist will need this WERS certificate as proof of the performance of the windows in order for them to be recognised during the sale or lease of a home.

Keep your WERS Certificate

So make sure that you keep a copy of your WERS certificate in a safe place for reference in the future. Keeping your WERS certificate will also help in the future so that if you need to replace any broken glass or make any repairs you will know the specific make-up of the window or door.

For more information on The 17 Things™ and to find a Liveability Real Estate Specialist or book a FREE Liveability Appraisal for your home click here or contact the WERS team here.

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