WERS Compliant Products

Ensuring WERS Compliant Energy Rated Product

As compliance for energy rated products increases it becomes especially important you are able to ensure that you are purchasing or supplying compliant products.

WERS has produced a fact sheet to ensure that your window products are AFRC compliant. To download the fact sheet, click here. This Fact Sheet includes a simple check list to determine if your products are compliant.

There are a number of different Product Categories on the WERS website that have different compliance requirements. To ensure that you are receiving compliant product the following is a guide to check that your products can be certified to their performance values.

WERS Custom Rated Products

WERS Custom rated products are certified product that have been simulated to AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council) Protocols and Procedures. They are specific ratings of glass and frame combinations that have been independently simulated and then passed through an audit process by WERS for individual companies.

To ensure that the products that you are purchasing are compliant check that the description of the glass (from the WERS Certified Product Directory) matches the quoted glass description. Further the frame description of each product should match the quote description (including frame material type and operator type) from the WERS Certified Products Directory. WERS custom data is solely for use by the individual WERS member.

WERS Generic Products

The WERS generic products are a set of generic values developed by WERS for use by WERS members only. These product performance values rely on the pre-certification of these products to the Australian Standard AS2047 (The Design and Installation of Windows). As a part of the certification of these windows there is a requirement for every WERS member to participate in our NATA accredited audit scheme. WERS generic data is solely for WERS members. WERS membership can be verified using the WERS members search or by contacting the WERS Office.

WERS Commercial Products

WERS also certifies commercial products (WERS Commercial Certified Products Directory) for use in Section J of the BCA, Volume One. The use of commercially rated products is strictly for use in Section J of the BCA Volume One only. As this is the case to use a product in Volume Two of the BCA (Residential) the product must be listed on the WERS Residential Certified Products Directory.

In the case where commercial product is to be used under a residential project and has not been listed on the WERS Residential Certified Products Directory the product must be rated at a residential size. For more information please contact the WERS office.

WERS for Film Ratings

To be able to certify WERS energy ratings the film applicator must have a WERS License. The WERS License ensures that the Applicator has undergone training into how to provide advice on the correct use of applied window film to meet energy efficiency goals. To find film applicators with a WERS License or for more information please visit the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand at www.wfaanz.org.au.

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