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  • Incorrect Performance Values Being Used | 10th Oct 14

    The AWA has been made aware that last week three South Australian window companies advised energy raters to use Glass only U-values (UGLASS, UCOG, UG) and SHGC (SHGCGLASS, SHGCCOG, SHGCG) in the absence of immediately available window (glazing) results to carry out building performance ratings.

    This advice contravenes the Australian Standard for Windows and Glazed Doors - AS 2047, the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Australian Consumer Law Act. 


  • Release of the NatHERS Default Window Performance | 29th Aug 14

    After six years of work and planning, the Department of Industry has confirmed to the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) that the updated version of the CHENATH engine that powers the NatHERS accredited software will be released on the 1st October, 2014.